PDP Minority Leader PR House of Representatives
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District 11 Representative (Dorado-Vega Alta-Vega Baja)
PDP Minority Leader PR House of Representatives
Former Chairman of Appropriations, Ways & Means Commission
Representative Rafael "Tatito" Hernández Montañez, was born on April 14, 1972, in the town of Dorado and attended high school at the José S. Alegría High School, where he graduated from the Business Administration Program with a concentration in Accounting.

Once graduated, he entered the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, obtaining a bachelor's degree in Sciences with concentration in Surveying and Cartography. To reinforce his academic and professional preparation, Hernández Montañez took several courses such as Origination, Processes and Analysis of Mortgage Loans at the Mortgage Bankers School and Real Estate Brokerage at Alberto Hernández Real State School.

Hernández Montañez, who spent eight years in the Navy of the United States, worked for 15 years in the mortgage industry, exercising functions as a marketing and process officer and mortgage closures. In addition, he served as Vice President of the Company of Mortgage Consultants in the Banking of Savings and Credit Cooperatives. He also chaired the Mortgage Loan Intermediation Company and worked as a Real Estate Broker in the northern area of ​​Puerto Rico.

He also worked in the Municipal Revenue Collection Center in Dorado as a Cadastral Systems Consultant, Project and Permit Administration, and Acquisition of Real Estate. It should be noted that the legislator has also worked as a General Contractor, specialized in Surveying and Construction.

Among the seminars and trainings taken by the Representative, we can mention the following: Urban Planning and Development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Construction Project Management, Public Housing Administration, Autonomous Municipalities Law, Valuation of Real Estate, Residential Financing and Commercial, Construction and Development, and the Law that governs the Savings and Credit Cooperatives of Puerto Rico.

Hernández Montañez highlighted in his work as President of the Board of the Community of the Territorial Planning Plan of Dorado and the Commercial Group of Dorado, which brings together the merchants of this town. On the other hand, as part of its interest to help improve the education of young people, it served as a resource for training and internships for students of the Marketing and Commerce Program of the José S. Alegría High School and was a member of the School to Work Committee of the Bayamón Region.

The favorite pastimes of the Representative, who is married and has two children, are playing football, baseball and swimming. He also enjoys spending time with his family, who are his highest priority.